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Pathway to pro program


The Path To Becoming A Pro Soccer Player

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Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7AU, England

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Brook House College Logo.png

FC National offers our players the complete soccer experience to suit the ambitions of the player. Whether a player is joining us just out of recreational soccer or is more experienced with an ambition to play in College or turn professional, we can offer the pathway. Let’s be honest, for various reasons it’s only a very small percentage of players who make it to the highest level, but the pro's dared to dream and worked incredibly hard to earn what they achieved, so why can’t our players too? 


For most young soccer players around the world who turn pro, the route to becoming a professional soccer player is to gain a high school education and then at that time, if talented and dedicated enough, get offered a playing contract with a professional soccer club. 


Brooke House College in the United Kingdom offers just that opportunity for young soccer players from all around the world. Brooke House is an elite educational and sporting institution that gives young players the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Here, students gain a first class high school education whilst training in a top class soccer academy that has a history of placing young players with professional soccer clubs. 


We are extremely fortunate that FC National has very close professional ties with Brooke House College. Our Co-Founder Lawrie Dudfield (consultant) and two of our ambassadors Mike Edwards and Micky Adams are all integral members of the Brooke House coaching staff. 


Our Brooke House College connection coupled with the many contacts we currently have within professional soccer, means that FC National is able to offer our players the complete pathway.

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